Sunday, January 31, 2010

January 31, 2010 EWW McDonald UFO!

     So after church today I went to Walmart with my dad and Jeanette,  just to you know window shop (because kiddos were in a recession right now and we cant be spending money left and right). I bought one of those chocolate lollipops and man are they good :). Its like that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you see someone you like only i get that with food.

Anyways, while we were there we decided to go eat McDonald's. So I drink all my apple juice and ask Jeanette if I can have some of her Sprite she says yea sure so I get it and open the lid (Cus I dont share straws) and what do I see when I open the lid? A little black thing FROZEN in the ice!!!! No I didnt say that it was a little black thing just floating around in the drink this little black thing was EMBEDDED into the ice!! Now I cant speak for everyone on this but to me its grosser when its actually in the ice rather then just floating around.

You know everytime you see somthing gross floating around in your drink and your like it just fell into the cup or somthing. You always try to name reasons how the UFO (unidentified floating object) got in the cup. But when the UFO is EMBEDDED into your ice you know for a fact that the McDonald person or anyone else, gave it to you like that. And to me that is gross on a whole other level!


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