Friday, January 29, 2010

January 29, 2010 Ipad :D

Today was B-day at school it was ok till about the end part, where it started to snow and all of a sudden it was the end of the world, no kidding. We went out at 3 (normally we get out at 3:20) my mom was on her way at around 2:50, and it took her about an hour to go pick me up ( don't get me started on the way back!!!). People in Georgia need to learn how to drive in the snow they go about 5 mph!

During 3rd block I was looking at the Ipad. I think its pretty cool, like I can see me using it. All the time I have to bother and turn on my computer when I just want to check my email or watch a youtube video. I love my Ipod touch but we all know its not the same its just so small, almost unusable for anything internet. But its whole song playing is second to none. One thing that I really like about the Ipad is that you can prepay your 3g, and you dont have to call anyone. Hey who knows, maybe if i get it ill start reading lol.

Over all my day was comparable to Diarrhea it comes out nice and easy but when does it ever end!?!?
Anyway, ttyl.

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